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Whatever the period chosen for a Doll's House I feel that research is very important if an accurate portrayal is to be achieved.
I have always been interested in the 1950's and so I already had many books on the period. The following titles I found particularly useful; in some cases for getting a feel for the 1950's lifestyle and in others for providing images to reproduce in 1/12th scale.

"The 1950's Scrapbook" Robert Opie
"Collecting the 1950's" Madeleine Marsh
"All Shook Up: A Flash of the Fifties" Joseph Connelly
"From the Bomb to the Beatles" Juliet Gardiner
"The Fifties and the Sixties: A Lifestyle Revolution" Miriam Akhtar & Steve Humphries


There are many books and magazines on the subject of Dolls Houses.The book I would strongly recommend to all beginners is listed below.

"A Beginners' Guide To The Doll's House Hobby" Jean Nisbett

I have read it from cover to cover and often refer back to it for its useful tips and guidelines. I feel that you can never learn enough when embarking on a new hobby and experts who have often had a lifetime of interest in a subject should always be a first resource.

Retailers catalogues and price lists are also extremely useful. For example, "The Dolls House Emporium Catalogue" is a very useful reference to see what is available as most shops stock their items.


Specialist Dolls House shops and Fairs are the best way to see items and give the new modeller inspiration. The shop owners and fair stallholders are often only too pleased to give advice and encouragement. Also I have found that actually seeing the items of furniture that you may want to purchase avoids the disappointments that can sometimes happen when buying items unseen.


The internet is a very useful resource for the Dolls House modeller. There are many sites selling dolls house miniatures including many hand crafted items. A search engine like "Google" should produce many links and a few hours spent looking through the sites will prove invaluable.

Another source worth investigating is Ebay, the online auction house. Bargains are often to be found and it is of particular value to people who are not near the specialist shops or fairs. Again hand crafted items are sold and so you can acquire the more esoteric items which can often make your Dolls House more individual.
I sometimes sell handmade miniatures on Ebay. Please click here to see if I have any items for sale

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