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After building 6 Dolls House Kits ("Holme Lodge", "Edwardian House", "Jubilee Terrace Shop and House", "Jubilee Terrace House" and two versions of "Arkwright's Shop") reasons of space dictated the need for smaller projects in the future! I therefore bought a Room Box in 1/12th scale for my next venture.

Room Box as a Seaside Shop set in the 1950's

The Room Box was followed quickly by a Market Stall Kit also in 1/12th scale.

Market Stall as a Secondhand Bookseller set in the 1960's

And it was also for reasons of space that I bought the 1/24th scale version of "Willow Cottage".

"Willow Cottage" in 1/24th scale

As many of my houses have been set in the 1950s period it seemed logical to me to venture into the world of Vintage Dolls Houses. However, working with old Dolls Houses requires a completely different way of looking at things as I feel one has to work within the confines of what was possible and available in the period the house was manufactured. Therefore, to me, I feel that this house can only really be a showcase for the range of often very high quality 1/16th scale furniture produced at the time.

Vintage Triang No 40 Dolls House

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