Holme Lodge set in 1915

Under Construction
These pages will show the progress I am making with this particular house kit.

I bought the Holme Lodge Dolls House Kit in December 2004 from the Dolls House Emporium and I have decided to set the house in 1915. This period sees the transition from the opulent Edwardian era to the less colourful times brought about by the Great War which had started in 1914.

The son of the house is home on leave getting ready for a night out in London with his friends. He gazes out of his bedroom window, his Army uniform hanging on the back of the door. Downstairs, his father stands by his desk in the library whilst, in the bedroom, his wife busies herself getting ready for dinner. In the kitchen their cook prepares the meal although she is disturbed by the delivery boy who is at the door.

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"Keep the Home Fires Burning"

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