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Various projects set in 1915, 1920s, 1930s, 1942,
1950s and 1960s.
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My Teddy Bears last updated
on 15th June 2013

My Teddy Bears is now
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My Teddy Bears

I have been making fabric and knitted Soft Toys (mainly Teddy Bears) for a couple of years now using commercially available patterns and kits. On this site are photographs and details of my collection that I hope will illustrate how by using different materials and yarns a wide range of bears can be produced. But, be warned bear making can become quite addictive!

Knitted Bears
With the wide choice of yarns available today, including the fashionable "eyelash" yarns, bears can be knitted in many different styles and colours. Also, by brushing the finished pieces with a teazle brush before assembly traditional yarns can be transformed into a quite realistic fur effect.

Fabric Bears
There is a wide range of fabrics available in both natural and synthetic fibres. Mohair is the most satisfying medium to work with but can be very expensive. If a synthetic fabric is used then a strong firm backing is very necessary to prevent stretching.

Other Soft Toys
As well as the Teddies I have also made some other soft toy animals.

Teddy Crafts
In this section are some other crafts with a Teddy theme.