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  My Dolls House

The aim of this site is to show how a Doll’s House can realistically portray a particular period in time. It is a fascinating hobby and with the many kits and items available to aid the modeller, re-creating an era in 1/12th scale is easier than it may first appear.

This site follows my experiences of building 6 Dolls House Kits ("Holme Lodge", "Edwardian House", "Jubilee Terrace Shop and House", "Jubilee Terrace House" and two versions of "Arkwright's Shop") With each project I have tried to re-create its particular era in 12th scale miniature.

In Other Projects there is a Room Box, a Market Stall and "Willow Cottage" in 1/24th scale. In addition, a new departure for me is to venture into 1/16th scale with a vintage Triang No 40 Dolls House which can also be seen in the Other Projects section of the site.

Linda Perkins - Great Britain

My Dolls House site last updated on 23rd February 2012

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"Holme Lodge"
set in 1915


"Arkwrights Shop" Co-operative Shop
set in 1920s


"Edwardian House"
set in 1930s

"Jubilee Terrace House"
set in 1942


"Arkwrights Shop" as a Music Shop
set in 1950s


"Jubilee Terrace Shop and House"
set in 1950s


Other Projects

  My Teddy Bears

I have been making fabric and knitted Soft Toys (mainly Teddy Bears) for a couple of years now using commercially available patterns and kits. On this section of the site are photographs and details of my collection that I hope will illustrate how by using different materials and yarns a wide range of bears can be produced.

But, be warned bear making can become quite addictive!

To visit the "My Teddy Bears" section of this site please click on the image below.


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